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This site is designed for teachers to teach young people about life skills.

There are several different subjects covered in each Key Stage. Each lesson contains;

  • Teaching intentions
  • Teaching notes
  • Student handout and
  • Activities

Teachers can view the teaching intentions, teaching notes, student handout and activities or download the complete lessons.

Advice on Differentiation

Differentiation is the adjustment of the teaching process according to the learning needs of the pupils.

It can be aimed at:

  • A whole class
  • Groups within the class
  • Individuals

Students can work in a variety of group configurations as well as independently.

  • The lessons can be worked through as a class in small groups or as individual work. This way the student can learn at their own speed and progress in their own time. They can work ahead independently on some projects i.e. they cover the content faster or slower than their peers.
  • The varying teaching strategies and activities makes sure that students will occasionally learn in a manner compatible with their own learning preference. It also expands their repertoire of alternative learning strategies in turn.
  • Group work or pair work allows younger students and less confident students and/or students with reading difficulties to get additional practice. They can experience reading away from the teacher as they develop fluency, comprehension and gain confidence.
  • Individual learning in certain areas such as Banking, will give students the opportunity to learn how to develop the skills for independent learning. The degree of help and structure will vary between students and depend on their ability to manage ideas, time and productivity.
  • Teachers can deliver the lessons and have an open forum throughout so all questions are addressed.
  • The lesson contents can be used flexibly in the sense that pacing is variable based on student needs. The times specified in the activities are suggested time limits for guidance.
  • Students can have choices about topics they wish to study, ways they want to work and how they want to demonstrate their learning.
  • All lessons can be downloaded with the opportunity to cut and paste if the font needs to be enlarged or the colour needs to be changed.

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